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Our custom work is rarely on display
in open houses or tours,
but here we invite you to take a glimpse.

T_Woodcrest_Front side.jpg

A Complete Re-Creation

With An Eye To Preservation


These days, it’s highly unusual to find a home that’s been in the same family for three generations, but this handsome brick on Woodcrest Avenue is the rare exception. 

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Refreshed Home.
Realistic Allocation of Resources.


Although people tend to think in terms of major projects, a light refresh that focuses on surfaces can be the shrewder strategic decision. This home is a good example: The mid-career owners wanted to make upgrades, but market constraints made it unlikely that they would recoup a major outlay. Since they might move again and had other important financial goals to keep in balance, it was imperative to find a creative, cost-effective approach to updating.

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Highland BA1.png

Transformative Investment Strategy Pays Off


Given the way housing values are currently escalating, transformation can be a viable alternative to dollars lost through sale and repurchase. The overall goal is to improve spatial utilization, efficiency and visual appeal with an eye to elevating the whole into a higher-value price category—ensuring eventual fiscal return on the investment. The challenge, however, is getting it right, since adding square footage and functionality always creates complex issues.

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B_A THomas Exterior.png

A Custom Transformation


Typically, builders showcase glamorously designed and finished work in this kind of context. While we share our eye candy, too, it’s often not the true project story. Frequently, the greatest challenge lies in project goal alignment—the interactions between the needs and desires of our customer, the capabilities and limitations of the physical structure and site, and regulatory requirements governing the envisioned outcome.

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Waycliffe Email_Kitchen to back.png

1990s Suburban Townhouse Gets a Fresh Start with Custom Interior Transformation


Nicely located but sadly dated, this 1990s townhouse had fallen victim to past remodeling choices, with restrictive, chopped-up spaces and an inconvenient floor plan and flow.

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