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updated colonial brick home
Gabled roof transformed home with hydrangea garden
Kitchen with arched wall to living room
front exterior of transformed home
open plan light filled kitchen and living room
Home with three dormers

To experience

a superlative home – with flowing design elements, uncompromising workmanship and materials, and sensitivity to light, sound, comfort and surroundings – is unexpected, to say the least. But with MASTERWERKS, that is exactly the outcome you can expect. Whether your project is a new build, major remodel, or modest retrofit, you feel the abiding sense of strength and completeness that is our hallmark.

What makes building with us unique, however, is what underlies our proprietary process. Each step is based on logic, standards, and fiscal stewardship. Thus, results are durable, dependable, predictable, and ultimately resalable. Only when your project makes sense to us from every angle, including budgetary, do we take it on and warranty the outcome.

Because we use only top-notch materials and labor, we may initially appear more expensive. In reality we are more thorough. Nothing is left out or overlooked, thus we minimize costs associated with overruns, re-dos, repairs, replacements, and landfills. That’s why MasterWerks clients have consistently enjoyed the highest average resale returns in Edina, Minnesota.

Four steps guide decision making from the ground up.


Does the project solve your problem?  We start by verifying your initial assumptions. A needs analysis shines a light on the situation, exposing any gaps between your real needs and how helpful the prospective solution is likely to be. We scrutinize physical constraints, examine area economics, and take a hard look at the budget reality, before making recommendations.     


What other options might be appropriate, in terms of resolving your initial issue? Is there a better solution? If you are considering remodeling, do project choices fit within the market and economic realities? Does it suit your home and the neighborhood? What is the probability of payback? Would a different strategy make more sense? We gladly play devil’s advocate to help you think it all through.


What happens once we agree on the course of action? At this point, MasterWerks outlines the correct sequence of events. We devise an astute, efficient plan that includes site selection, architecture and design considerations as well as ensuring compliance with site, structure, building, and zoning regulations, while addressing health and safety issues. Our collegial team makes it all happen and determines actual building costs by providing bids and contracts for your review and adjustment.


What can you expect from the actual construction process? MasterWerks supervises our handpicked team of artisans. We manage schedules and timing, oversee project choices and modifications, keep tabs on accounting, and ensure job site cleanliness, safety, and neighborhood harmony. Our relationship continues  through the warranty period and beyond, as we continue to offer stewardship and resources to our clients. We charge only a managerial fee; subcontractors’ invoices are passed through directly to you, with no markups. This ensures fiscal and project cost control, while providing true checkbook authority.

What strikes you is the quiet, elegant craftsmanship.

What lies beneath the surface is sound, measured  judgment.

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