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Timely announcements of various matters potentially affecting our clients.

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January 2024

Home Update on Your 2024 Horizon? Here’s Why It Should Top Your Resolution List.

Currently, MasterWerks is seeing an uptick in inquiries from clients about prospective projects. While that’s always a great feeling, we’ve been in business long enough to recognize an unusual pattern for this time of year.


Rationally, we can cite multiple forces behind the growing economic headwind. Recent reports claim that inflation is starting to slow, and market gurus are predicting that the Central Bank is likely to pivot towards interest rate cuts in 2024. Many homeowners who    ...Read More

January 2024

Safety Alert

Police Advisory:

Preventing Thefts from Unlocked Vehicles

MasterWerks recently received this notice from the Edina Police Department regarding an uptick in thefts from unlocked construction vehicles.


However, data shows these types of thefts are hardly limited to Edina’s construction sector. Most often, it’s residential homeowners that suffer losses in virtually all metro communities.


That’s why we’re sharing this advisory as a reminder to our subscribers, in hopes that heightened awareness and diligence will improve your chances of foiling crimes of opportunity.  

October 1, 2022

Safety Alert

Sunday, 9/25/22, 10:38 am
Bold Theft in Broad Daylight.

Among the many reasons our clients are drawn to peaceful enclaves in Edina and adjacent neighborhoods is the perceived feeling of safety. However, in these tumultuous times—or in fact, at any time— it’s best not to take safety for granted. If anything, upscale neighborhoods are likely to be targeted because, as the saying goes, “That’s where the money is.”
Our doorbell camera caught this theft across the street, in broad daylight last Sunday morning. We provided the affected neighbor and the police with the footage and hope it may help catch the perpetrator. However, the best way to prevent property crime is to stop it before it happens. Please don’t indulge a false sense of security: Day or night, lock your car and house doors. And keep safe and aware.

May 27, 2020

Change, Challenge, Opportunity

With construction deemed essential during the recent stay-at-home orders, we’ve been fortunate to continue accomplishing work for clients, while keeping our workforce somewhat employed. To maintain safe practices, we've restricted projects to unoccupied properties, while limiting the number of subcontractors on-site. Now as orders ease, we’re taking thoughtful steps towards working in occupied settings again.  Read More



If you explore these links—some bullish, some bearish—two things become clear: There’s no consensus on what the future holds, and within every problem lies opportunity.

Home prices could fall by as much as 4% because of the coronavirus pandemic, Zillow says
A false restart of the economy could create a worst-case scenario for the country’s housing market, an analysis by Zillow says.

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Why Home Prices Are Rising During the Pandemic
The economy is shrinking, businesses are closing and jobs are disappearing. But in the housing market, prices keep chugging higher.

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