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Refreshed Home.
Realistic Allocation of Resources.


Although people tend to think in terms of major projects, a light refresh that focuses on surfaces can be the shrewder strategic decision. This home is a good example: The mid-career owners wanted to make upgrades, but market constraints made it unlikely that they would recoup a major outlay. Since they might move again and had other important financial goals to keep in balance, it was imperative to find a creative, cost-effective approach to updating.

Given the circumstances, we determined cosmetic enhancements would be a wiser way to allocate limited resources than reconstruction. By making smart upgrades to kitchen cabinets, reworking poorly finished hardwood floors, repairing damaged millwork, and giving tired, dated surfaces a fresh coat of paint, we changed the entire look and feel of the home, without jeopardizing the owners’ ability to recover their investment. At MasterWerks, solutions always start with an intelligent assessment of the total context, rather than an automatic assumption that building is the right choice.


We never just add on,
We multiply value


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