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Count on a higher-value solution at a lower price – in short, a better investment.

Here’s how we get you there.

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How We Give You The Edge

These two homes are comparable in size, features, and amenities, but not price. With the MasterWerks home, more of the client’s budget was available for quality materials and craftsmanship. Our leveraged value approach provides real economic advantage in the long run.

Year Built

Building Cost 

Finished Sq Ft

Bldg Cost/Sq Ft






Year Built

Building Cost 

Finished Sq Ft

Bldg Cost/Sq Ft






The MasterWerks Home was built for

$308,854.00 LESS

At 4% over 30 years, this would translate to:

$1,394.79 LESS per month

$16,737.48 LESS per year

or $502,124.40 LESS over the life of the mortgage.

Leveraged value

is the key to making sure what we build for you is a solid investment. This is not trite marketing language. It means we employ continually updated research and analysis, in combination with deep expertise, to provide an accurate context for each building decision. We cultivate the wide variety of strategies, tools, and resources listed on this page to minimize extraneous risks and costs. We then leverage the combined savings into design, materials, and workmanship. The result is a much higher-quality building at a substantially lower price.

This approach stems from our core orientation – to be a conscientious service provider, not a merchant builder. Instead of maximizing our profits and moving on to the next project, our goal is to engineer a rewarding place for you to live, protect you from possible economic loss, and provide you with real investment potential.  

Here are quick snapshots of the research, thinking, strategies, and tactics we use to ensure you accrue full value for your investment. While these lists are not intended to be all-encompassing, they give you an idea of how we aggregate data and methods into economic leverage that delivers real competitive advantage.

• Municipal Appreciation Comparisons

• Competitive Building Analysis

• Project Analysis by Type

• Average Structure Values by Area

• Features and Amenities Comparisons

• Price Point and Quality Level Ranges

• Property Tax Considerations



• Site Costs by Neighborhood

• Neighborhood Price Ceilings

• Appreciation Potential by Neighborhood

• Identifying Projected Growth Opportunities

• Investment Ranges and Limits

• Optimal Average Sizes by Neighborhood

• Optimal Square Footage by Neighborhood


• Client Needs and Objectives

• Practicalities and Budget

• Site and Structure Analysis

• Functional and Spatial Integration

• Floor Plan Efficiencies

• Finish Options and Preferences

​​• Window Placement for Optimal Natural Light

• Timeless vs Trend 

• Conformity with Market and Neighborhood

• Regulatory and Code Considerations

• Full Disclosure of all Costs & Fees

• Fee for Service Model, No Profit Schemes 

• No Hidden Acquisition Mark Ups

• Provide Actual Cost Proposals

• Itemized Cost Estimates with Bids

• You Pay Direct to Vendors with No Markup

• Minimize Carrying Costs

• Minimize Interest Expenses

• Preservation of Interest Deduction

• Minimize Property Taxes

• Complete Financial Tracking and Accounting


• Premium Materials

• No “Minimum to Code” Building

• Skilled, Experienced, Collegial Labor

• Precision Fit and Finish

• Premium Mechanicals

• Sound Insulation

• Proper, Continuous Supervision

• Job Site Cleanliness

• Respect for Neighborhood

• Tight Scheduling

• Strict Adherence to Regulation

• Fully Insured  and Warrantied


Creating Economic Advantage

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