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May 27, 2020

Change, Challenge, Opportunity

With construction deemed essential during the recent stay-at-home orders, we’ve been fortunate to continue accomplishing work for clients, while keeping our workforce somewhat employed. To maintain safe practices, we've restricted projects to unoccupied properties, while limiting the number of subcontractors on-site. Now as orders ease, we’re taking thoughtful steps towards working in occupied settings again. 


Responding to a new normal

As restrictions relax and society reshapes itself around a new normal, it’s reassuring to recognize that along with the challenges come opportunities.  The future belongs to those who shift their thinking to embrace change, recognize potential, and act accordingly. As always, our objective at MasterWerks is to help you sort out what’s real and what isn’t in local market values, weigh the impact of wider financial trends, then shrewdly apply that knowledge to meeting your building needs and requirements—which may have altered recently. 


Creative thinking about financing

With more people working from home, improvements have become the focus for many of our clients, whether long-postponed or newfound needs, and we’re experiencing a surge of requests. In the past, people frequently financed improvements with a home equity line of credit. At this historic moment, however, some banks are responding to uncertainties by tightening qualifications and restricting access to equity. That doesn’t mean you must— or should—cancel or postpone your project, but financing may require more creative thinking and solutions.


Managing construction logistics

The construction sector was already dealing with shortages of skilled labor, and now the situation is complicated by unpredictable supply chain interruptions and shortages—translation: extended project schedules. Again, nothing hopeless, but we’re beginning to manage logistics differently than in the past. All this to say: If you’re considering home improvements, please contact us soon. As always, we’ll analyze and strategize first. And if everything makes sense, we’ll get your project going as quickly and seamlessly as possible.


By making smart, informed, strategic choices, rest assured you can still optimize returns on your home improvement investment. 


We’re here to help. 

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If you explore these links—some bullish, some bearish—two things become clear: There’s no consensus on what the future holds, and within every problem lies opportunity.

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