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Transformative Investment Strategy Pays Off


Given the way housing values are currently escalating, transformation can be a viable alternative to dollars lost through sale and repurchase. The overall goal is to improve spatial utilization, efficiency and visual appeal with an eye to elevating the whole into a higher-value price category—ensuring eventual fiscal return on the investment. The challenge, however, is getting it right, since adding square footage and functionality always creates complex issues.

The key is to determine a transformation strategy that delivers rock-solid curb appeal, as well as the desired upgrades. The net result must appear seamless, as if the house had been built that way originally. Otherwise, you could undermine your home’s value with today’s visually perceptive homebuyers. That’s why seamlessness is woven into every MasterWerks project on view in our portfolio.

While most transformation clients hold onto their homes when projects wrap up, this home quickly became a case study on the effectiveness of our investment strategy: The owners were promoted and transferred shortly after completion. Although they were sorry to leave, they were delighted with their sale outcome. Multiple offers rolled in, enabling them to recoup their investment and net a tidy profit, to boot.


We never just add on,
We multiply value


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